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The County of Santa Clara wants you for Technology Services and Solutions. Apply now!

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Hear from Cathy

“The most rewarding experience working at the County of Santa Clara is how you are part of an era of rapid change in public and community services. You’re met with a sense of responsibility and meaning working to build modern, secure, reliable public services. Here, you see less walls and more virtual workspace that lets you collaborate with just one click.”

Cathy Dong | Solution Architect

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Hear from Zachary

“I am really fortunate to work for an organization that promotes creativity and growth the way TSS does. I'm very lucky to be a part of a team that provides the support necessary for us to expand our skillset and knowledge to help us give a voice to those who need it.”

Zachary Pardo | Sr. Multimedia Technician
Shared Technical Services

Training classroom TSS

Training and collaboration are keystones TSS uses to develop more efficient technology for government operations.

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