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This is not just another local government. It’s a distinctive, special organization that evokes a richness of commitment and dedication from folks that is different than other places.

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I fell in love with the County because it’s such an extraordinary organization. The breadth of what we do, the services that we provide, the focus on the most vulnerable in our community, and the core infrastructure - not just in terms of physical infrastructure but societal infrastructure. We serve this place, this space, and the people. The caliber of my colleagues at the County - their extraordinary commitment to excellence, their intelligence, their dedication - makes our organization unparalleled.

James R. Williams, J.D.
County Executive

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Executives at the County of Santa Clara aren't simply in charge of their departments and responsibilities. They work as a team across our 23,000 employees to lead the organization and collaborate for the best possible delivery of services under the county executive's direction.  Want to learn more about all the great reasons to choose the County of Santa Clara as your next employer? Click here.

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Meet the Executive Services Staff

Patricia Carrillo headshot

Patricia Carrillo

Director, Executive Services

Phone: (408) 299-5897
Fax: (408) 279-5764

[email protected]
Quynh Truong headshot

Quynh Truong

Sr. Human Resources Analyst

Phone: (408) 299-5701
Fax: (408) 279-5764

[email protected]
Adrian Cudal headshot

Adrian Cudal

Sr. Human Resources Analyst

Phone: (408) 299-5851
Fax: (408) 279-5764

[email protected]
Kendra Conrad headshot

Kendra Conrad

Sr. Human Resources Analyst

Phone: (408) 299-6874
Fax: (408) 279-5764

[email protected]
Felicia Sanchez headshot

Felicia Sanchez

Human Resources Assistant

Phone: (408) 299-6907
Fax: (408) 279-5764

[email protected]
Magdalena Cruz headshot

Magdalena Cruz

Executive Assistant

Phone: (408) 299-6880
Fax: (408) 279-5764

[email protected]

What our executives are saying about working for the County of Santa Clara


Director, Finance Agency

Margaret Olaiya

"It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the residents of this County, and our departments and employees for the past 20 years. For eleven of these years, I have held executive leadership roles providing organizational change and transformation, infrastructure and operational improvements that make it possible for the County to achieve its mission and purpose. My goal is to continue to partner with our Finance Agency teams to strengthen the County’s financial structure, ensure its ongoing viability, and the preservation of the official documents and vital records."


Primary Care Medical Director

Angela Suarez, M.D.

"I do this work for our patients. The mission of VMC is to serve all regardless of their ability to pay. As a primary care doctor and executive leader here, I’m very happy that we can offer our patients excellent care. This County listens to its leaders and while we are always mindful of not wasting resources, when my team wants to do new things, we get support."


Assistant Director, Family and Children's Services

Wendy Kinnear-Rausch

"If you are committed to the County of Santa Clara, we will be committed to your success. This is a supportive environment and I appreciate that there is an effort to lead as one team and not have just one person at the helm making decisions. There is a commitment to working with community partners to make helping children and families everyone’s responsibility."


Chief Healthcare Information Technology Officer

Khalid Turk

"We are a safety net organization. We provide essential health services to people who cannot afford them on their own and we are their last hope. While our healthcare providers and nurses work on the front lines, my team and I are right behind them providing tools and technology they need to make their jobs easier and to improve patient outcomes. This is a job where my passion for finding solutions to complex problems meets my purpose to serve the community. That’s what I love about this position and working for the County."


Administrative Services Manager III, Public Health Department

Jacquelyn Nash

"Our county is an extraordinary place to live, work, and play. From our community's response to the COVID pandemic to our proactive approach to addressing climate change and racial equity, we lead the way and prioritize the well-being of all. With courageous leadership and innovation, we're shaping a healthier, more inclusive future for all who call this county home."

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